Course and exam timetables

These tools allow you to search for course and exam timetables. For more information about enrolling in courses, see undergraduate course enrolment or the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - Enrolment. Once enrolled, you will have access to your personal course schedule in uoZone. Your personal exam schedule will be available approximately two months before the start of the exam period.

Keep track of changes and stay informed.
Consult course and exam timetables regularly to keep track of any changes made to course offerings or schedules. In the event of scheduling conflicts, contact your faculty or school to quickly resolve any issues. If you’re on an exchange program, contact your home university to report and resolve any exam scheduling conflict. Keep in mind that course descriptions published in the official Programs and courses site, which include required prerequisite courses, are revised annually and that changes are effective as of May 1.

Adaptive measures for courses and exams

If you have a learning disability, health, mental health or physical conditions and you require an accommodation, we can help. Make an appointment with the Access Service as soon as possible.

Course timetable

Course availability and duration

Courses start at posted start times, but end ten minutes before the posted end time. Not all courses are offered each year or each term. Contact the academic unit concerned for information about any course not shown in the course timetable.

Understanding the information in the course timetable

Exam schedule

Posting date

Exam schedules are posted twice a year, in mid-October and in mid-February. For unlisted exams and for the spring-summer term, please contact your faculty or school.

Changing an exam date

An exam date can’t be changed without the approval of the faculty or school and the professor as well as the written consent of all students enrolled in the course.

Exam regulations

Consult item 9 of the academic regulations to find out about the following exam regulations:
  • Final examination (Policy) (9.2)
  • Conduct of the examination (9.4)
  • Justification of absence from an examination or of late submission of assignments (9.5)
  • Procedure on cancellation or postponement of exams (9.7)
  • Destruction of examinations and assignments (9.8)